Discovering the Penokees book on sale

We invite you to explore, celebrate, and learn more about the Penokee Hills and the Bad River Watershed of Northern Wisconsin.  The Penokees are the weathered roots of ancient Alps-like mountains, rich in wetlands and clear, cold streams.  The Bad River is born in these hills, and flows through the "Everglades of the North" (the Bad River and Kakagon sloughs) to Lake Superior.  From the vistas on St. Peter's Dome, to the myriad swirling trout streams, to the wild shore of Lake Superior-- this is a beautiful, largely pristine and wild region we hope you'll fall in love with, as we have.

Stormy view from St. Peter's Dome


Recently, the Penokee Hills and their many pristine waterways and wetlands were threatened by a proposed open-pit iron mine that would have been the largest of its kind in the world.  Open-pit mining has an atrocious track record for environmental destruction, significant adverse regional health impacts, and decreased quality of life in and near mining communities. We aim to preserve this delicate ecosystem for future sustainable social and economic uses of communities and tribes who depend on this area for sustenance and livelihood.

Morgan Falls twists over ancient rocks.

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 Discovering the Penokees book on sale

Publisher Sweetwater Visions introduces readers to one of North America’s least known wild treasures, the Penokee Hills of northern Wisconsin. With over 100 stunning images, photographer/author Joel Austin details the beauty of the Penokees--both intimate and grand, accessible and remote, rugged and extremely fragile.

Discovering the Penokees includes essays and other information on the economic, public health, and environmental impact of open-pit mining on local communities including the Bad River Indian Reservation, and on the watershed's rivers, forests, and associated wetlands (designated a “Wetland of International Importance” by the Ramsar Convention). The book also includes a map of the region and other references.


      on sale  $19.95