Penokee Waterfalls Gallery

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Tyler Forks near Moore Park Rd. on a glorious winter day.


Red Granite Falls cascades in Copper Falls State Park near Mellen, WI.


Tyler Forks swirls through fall colors, near Moore Park Rd.

Moore Park Cascades on the Tyler Forks in autumn color.


A wintery Copper Falls, at Copper Falls State Park.


Rouse Falls blanketed by autumn leaves.


Water dripping over this rock face near Morgan Falls created these beautiful "ice falls" and mini caves.


Morgan Falls tumbling down its rocky crevice in summer time.  


Water cascading over Brownstone Falls into the Bad River, in Copper Falls State Park.

Brownstone Falls in Copper Falls State Park.


Frozen Brownstone Falls.


We promised Bill Heart to keep his favorite falls a secret, since what makes places like this so special is solitude, peace, quiet.  There are many little known and/or unnamed falls and special places like this throughout the Penokee Hills.


Conley Falls


Little Balsam Falls.

Unnamed Penokee mystery falls on the Potato River.


Frozen Potato River Falls.


Wintery Potato River Falls.

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